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Dirty Things Laundry Lounge

105 E. Filmore

Located directly east (behind) Discount Textbooks


Welcome to Dirty Things Laundry Lounge!
Located on 105 E. Filmore, Dirty Things offers a variety of services to best suite your needs. Equipped with Maytag single and double-load washers along with high powered Maytag dryers, Dirty Things offers top of the line equipment with modest pricing.

Front loaders: $2.25 (25 minutes)
Top loaders: $1.25 (25 minutes)
Dryers: $.25 per 5 minutes (about $2 per load)

Dirty Things also features a time saving extractor machine to cut cost on drying. 50 cents will help dry blankets, towels or any other thick wool fabric.

With attendants on hand, Dirty Things remains a clean and comfortable atmosphere for our customers. Laundry supplies such as detergent, fabric softener, and dry sheets are on hand for purchase - to lighten your load.

Saturday and Sunday - - - Noon to 8 pm
Monday - - - Noon to 4 pm
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - - - Noon to 8 pm
Friday - - - Noon to 4 pm